Band Symphonic Colmenar Viejo 

Band Symphonic Colmenar Viejo

The Symphonic Band of Colmenar Viejo was founded in 1987 under the name Band of Colmenar Viejo Cultural Foundation. Fifteen years later, when it joined for the first time with a stringed instrument group who's name will automatically be added to the ever growing list of past and present musicians.

At present, it comprises a total of 65 musicians and more than 50 students in their School of Music, which consists of twelve professors and the Youth Symphony learning music together.


symphonic bandBand of Colmenar Viejo is a company born in 1987, a cultural association that aims are twofold function of training and dissemination of music.

Over the years, it has done more than 500 performances and concerts, participating in various competitions and cultural events. Music, religious, bullfighting, etc. also make recordings for radio and television. All this is possible the continuous improvement of the quality and performance of a wide and versatile software, which includes all kinds of music: classical, modern and popular.

This group consists of about 120 members, who participate in the activities of the band permanently students in their initiation to music and for its participation in the band and the musicians participating in concerts and other cultural activities of the band.

Members range from students and / or employees of different ages 6 years of age, who do not receive a salary for their performances in the band. Some of them are taken official studies at conservatories, others have already become professional musicians and others are simply and therefore not least, the music lovers. All of them are united by the desire to enjoy creating home made music in a group and make ways to distribute it.

Given the nature of this non-profit association and not rely on the support of any kind in recent years, although this does not detract from the fact that the activities in which the band participates in and is willing to participate, receive a grant to purchase some new instruments and repair of others, as well as recording a CD, establish and improve the cultural activities of the band growing musical performing cultural activities in the vicinity of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

After the founding of the association, in 1987, different leaders, who have gone through this band are: José Torres, D. Jose Susi, Luis de la Rosa, D. Jose Guillen and Miguel Ibáñez Miguel Angel Grau. In addition, these people did the work of a professor of the Academy of our band, it has been the involvement within the Faculty of D. Pedro Garbajosa and Manuel Hidalgo.

Among the actions of the Symphonic Band, are as follows:

Arrentela International Band Festival in 2003,


Currently, the symphonic band Colmenar Viejo consisting of:

Main Actions

Symphonic Band of Colmenar Viejo, next to HE. Colmenar Viejo City Council, organizes numerous cultural events in the city, which are as follows:

In addition, the organization of these activities, the band has a large share of the musical culture in Colmenar Viejo.

XXV Anniversary

In 2012, the Symphonic Band of Colmenar Viejo has made a number of events to celebrate its twenty-fifth year. In the first half of the year, every month has been a part of the band's various concert House of Youth:

In particular aside, the concert People's Square in Colmenar Viejo who performed, musicians Bands Alcala de Henares and La Lira de Pozuelo de Alarcon and Grand Coral is composed of Colmenar Viejo choir, choral music school in Colmenar Viejo, teachers, choir Rosa Chacel Institute of Colmenar Viejo and girls in Galapagos with Tchaikovsky's 1812 Overture played. Discover more on classical music at Byte Me TV.

Music School

The Symphonic Band of Colmenar Viejo is first and foremost a music school, which aims to train musicians. Currently, the school has 12 teachers teaching music and movement classes, mind music and meditation concepts, musical theory, wind, percussion and string classes and gets more than 60 students.

During a learning session, students who are already dealing with a tool included in the music together learning, reading and interpretation of the results under the leadership of Director and above all, enjoy the music with people of their same musical level. That includes all styles of music from big band, swing, jazz, folk and traditional.

Youth Symphony

In 2004 - 2005, the musical was created by a group of its intention to initiate the boys begin their studies in musical theory and interpretation of music along with musicians, later to facilitate their entry into the band. This group was called affectionate name of Chiqui-Band. In 2006, it was decided to seek a more formal through a competition of ideas between members of the same name. The jury decided that the most expressive and beautiful name YOUNG SYMPHONIC term.

Initially, they formed the Youth Symphony young students of various musical instruments: flutes, Oboes, clarinets, saxophone, trumpets, horn, trombone, Bassoons and percussionists. From the academic year 2007 - 2008, it was decided to expand the Young refers to the physical area of ​​the age, but also a training instrument is concerned, so that anyone who is studying School Band takes place in a part of this group, the aim of which is to learn music together under the leadership of the director when he Instrumental studies are encouraging.

Currently, more than forty young people make up this group, rehearsing on weekends and local Band performed a valuable and intimate concerts that will delight the audience and to inspire and prosperity of its members